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We offer a small vocabulary to familiarize yourself with some basic concepts of the coffee roasters.
  • Coffee roaster:

    Factory where the coffee is roasted through a roasting process, which consists of the application of heat to coffee beans.
  • Coffee beans:

    Mode of packaging of coffee without altering the size of the seed after his toast. It differs from the grind in which grains or seeds of coffee are crushed and then packaged.
  • Distributors of coffee:

    Companies or individuals engaged in the sale and marketing of coffee.
  • Cafe:

    Catering establishment which is served and consumed coffee as well as being a meeting place to discuss and pass the time.
  • Coffee capsules:

    Format of packaging ground coffee in a bag filter or plastic container with enough for a cup of coffee dose.

Worlds: Coffee capsules, coffee roaster, distributors of coffee.

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