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coffees roaster.

Coffees Gladiador is a coffee roaster located in Murcia, specifically in the town of Mula. The roasting process is intended to produce a tasty coffee . When roasted, the green coffee bean increases in size, changing in color and density. Since the grain absorbs heat, its color changes to yellow, then brown, and finally to a dark and oily. The continuous dark roast coffee until it is removed from the heat source. The entire process of roasting coffee is made up of cleaning, roasting, cooling and packaging. We are very careful in implementing each of these phases. The beginning of our activity is fundamental objective to provide consumers of coffee:
  • Aroma
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Warranty
  • Price
bag of coffee coffee container coffee beans 1kg
  • 1Kg.
  • 500Gr.
  • 250Gr.
coffee beans 500gr coffee beans 250gr coffee beans
The success of our products is at the junction of ethos objectives. Available on the market a variety of brands, roasting is not an invention of ours, but if something that distinguishes our coffees from the rest is its flavor, aroma and color offered all with the best of the Guarantees and good price.

Coffee roaster located in Spain

Made by: Cristóbal Boluda García
Calle 4 Nº27 Poligono Arreque 30.170 Mula, Murcia (Spain)
Tel:+34 968 661 001 Fax:+34 968 660 524 email: web:

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